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     James Cook Primary School is situatedin Endeavour Hills, south east of Melbourne . Our school has a 33 year historyof providing a quality education to students in a safe secure setting. We havehigh expectations of our students and encourage them to be the best they can berespecting themselves, others and the environment in which they learn and play.We have approximately 280 students and 30 staff that includes teachers, officestaff and teacher aides.

Our focus is on developing the wholestudent through academic and social programs equipping them with the tools tointeract successfully within society.  Students are at the centre of learning with teachers workingcollaboratively in planning and implementing a curriculum for 21stCentury learners.

The school has permanent facilitiesthat include open purposeful flexible learning modules, Art room, Hall, Library and Computer Lab. Our groundscomprise of a soccer oval, basketball courts, extensive play equipment,synthetic turf and asphalted play areas.

Our school provides;
Individual academic programs to deliver the Victorian Essential LearningStandards
You Can Do It Social Skills program
Values Education
Brain Gym
Computer classes
ICT digital learning -Interactive whiteboards, Flip Videos, netbooks and laptops,multi media
Physical Education and Sport
Visual Arts

Performing Arts
Intervention/Extension Programs

Mandarin Language Classes

Children, staff and families worktogether to create a harmonious environment.

Our school motto is “Believe To Succeed”.Here at James Cook we believe every child has the potential to succeed and thisis reflected in our mission and vision below. 

Our School Mission

AtJames Cook Primary School every child will have the opportunity to experience:


Highquality engaging education

Asafe and supportive environment



School Vision

Atthe completion of schooling at James Cook Primary School students will:


Becompetent in literacy and numeracy

Haverespect for themselves, others and the environment

Demonstratesocially competent behaviors

Beresponsible citizens that contribute to the wider society


TheKey Values that are identified as the core for James Cook Primary School are:

Respect – Treatingourselves and others with honesty, kindness and integrity. Showing people thatwe care about everyone and everything in our school

Teamwork- Workingtogether, considering everyone in the team for a common good

Inclusiveness – Anacceptance and celebration of everyone and the qualities they bring to the school

Resilience – Theability to bounce back  in a positive wayafter experiencing problems or setbacks

Persistence -Students think for themselves, striving for their best, never giving up.


James Cook Primary School staff implementhigh quality learning and continue to strive to be abreast of current teachingpractice through professional learning.



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